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    New Habitrail® Twist is the latest and greatest Habitrail® home for hamsters. The Twist features many cool design innovations that you and your small pet will love. 
A unique oblong-shaped, hybrid habitat, the Twist consists of a combination of wire framing and clear plastic components that allows you to see your small pet from all angles. In addition to providing a great view, the Twist’s large wire frame at the upper half of the home also provides 360 degree air circulation – which hamsters will appreciate.
An oversized plastic door at the top opens very wide, allowing excellent inside access. The door is made of clear plastic that provides a great aerial view inside. The door has an easy-to-use sliding lock that prevents unwanted escapes. 
The bottom half of the home consists of a lightly-shaded plastic base that allows an unobstructed view of the interior, plus it prevents drafts. The inside of the oblong base has rounded corners that prevents gnawing and makes cleaning easy.
The Twist also features an innovative elevated feeding area that makes the hamster work for its food, just as it would in nature, plus it helps stimulate exercise. The feeding area also eliminates the use of feeding dishes, which often get tipped over and result in the food getting mixed up with the shavings and litter.
The Twist includes a space-saving water bottle, located in an adjoining area outside the home, a very quiet exercise wheel, 1 patented Habitrail® lock connector, 2 inner rings and 2 windows. The unit is easy to assemble and disassemble for cleaning.
Habitrail® Twist is compatible with the full line of Habitrail® products, allowing you to build and expand your hamster home in virtually unlimited ways.
    Habitrail Hamster Twist Home
    Price: $49.99

    The Habitrail OVO Home is a complete hamster habitat that is a transparent cage that comes with accessories.  This habitat includes a food dish, cozy hideaway cube, an OVO trainer/exercise wheel, OVO water bottle, 2 OVO windows and 2 OVO lock connectors.  The wide, retractable roof provides you with easy access to your hamster and the habitat.  The deep base design and rounded corners help prevent gnawing and make cleaning easy.  The air vents provide air circulation while preventing drafts and the front and back locks ensure that your pet remains inside the habitat. Color: Blue By Hagen
    Habitrail Ovo Home Blue Edition
    Price: $39.99

    Habitrail Cristal is a main habitat unit that serves as a safe and secure central living area for hamsters. Habitrail Cristal is completely compatible with all other Habitrail® items. The cage is constructed of plastic and wiring for both durability and excellent air circulation. A deep base design with rounded corners makes cleaning easy and minimizes mess. A large plastic door allows easy access to your pet and it has a lock to keep your pet securely inside. Two windows allow you to connect other Habitrail® items using our patented Lock Connectors (sold separately). Habitrail Cristal also includes a look out deck with ladder to satisfy your hamsters natural need to explore and hide, a quiet exercise wheel, a chew-proof water bottle and holder with stainless steel tip, a food dish, and a litter guard.  
    Hagen Habitrail Cristal
    Price: $39.99

    The perfect home for your pet Chinchilla, Kit includes: cage, food dish, fiesta max chinchilla food, critter canteen water bottle, and clean & cozy bedding. 
    Kaytee Chinchilla Complete Kit
    Price: $99.99

Kaytee My First Home Complete Ferret Kit

Ferret starter kit containing Cage, Clean & Cozy 250 cu in Bedding, 2.5 lb Fiesta Ferret Food, Food Dish, and Water Bottle
    Kaytee Complete Ferret Kit
    Price: $99.99

    Kaytee Complete Guinea Pig KitThe perfect home for your pet guinea pig.Kit includes: cage, food dish, fiesta max guinea pig food, critter canteen water bottle, and clean & cozy bedding.
    Kaytee Complete Guinea Pig Kit
    Price: $59.99

Kaytee My First Home & Fiesta Rabbit Complete KitRabbit starter kit containing Cage, Clean & Cozy 250 cu in Bedding, 1.5 lb Fiesta Rabbit Food, Food Dish, and Water Bottle  
    Kaytee Complete Rabbit Kit
    Price: $64.99
    Sale Price: $54.40

    The perfect home for your Chinchilla, Rat or Exotic Pet Unique design ensures added security an durability Extra narrow wire spacingChew proof locks Deeper base to prevent messes Multiple levels to climb and play 1/2"" Wire spacing
Kaytees Multi-Level Exotics Cage features a unique design to ensure added security and durability. The habitat features chew proof latches and locks and an integrated wire/base system for maximum safety. The 1/2" wire spacing provides added security for even the smallest pets. A deeper base prevents bedding and litter from spilling out of the cage for less overall mess. The cage also features multiple levels to encourage your pets to climb and play. Perfect for Chinchillas, Rats or other exotic pets. 
The Multi-Level Exotic Cage measures 30.5" x 18" x 30.5". 
Care Instructions:At least once per week, remove all bedding and wash enclosure with a mild soap solution. Rinse cage thoroughly with clean water to ensure the removal of soap residue. 
Materials: plastic and wire.  
    Kaytee Multi Level Exotics Cage Large
    Price: $139.99

    Marshalls Small Animal Play Pen is made for ferrets, rabbits and most small animals. This indoor and outdoor expandable play pen provides a safe, contained area for your pet to play and exercise. Easy assembly with no tools required. Panels 18in W X 29in H with 1in Spacing  Color: White.
    Marshalls Pet Small Animal Playpen
    Price: $67.99

    Designed to work with Marshall Small Animal Play Pens.Can be used indoors or outdoors as a mat or a cover.Protects carpeting and flooring from pet stains and prevents digging when used outside.Hand wash and dry flat. FC 261: Play Pen Mat and Cover 8 panel
    Marshalls Small Animal Playpen Mat
    Price: $23.99

    8 panel exercise pen for small animals, 13 panel x 9 H, assembles to 36 diameter, Easy to set up, fold up and store, Alternating panels of red, blue, yellow, & green.
    Prevue Pet Small Animal Playpen
    Price: $19.99

    The S.A.M Here & There 2 Home & Traveler is perfect for hamsters and gerbils. Includes: Removable Traveler, Four levels of fun!, Built in treat area, Bubble Toob Elevator, Quiet work out wheel, Locking door and feeding dish and water bottle. Size: MediumBy Penn Plax Product #: SAM 451
    S.a.m. Here & There Home & Traveler Medium
    Price: $54.99

    The S.A.M. Here and There Starter Kit is perfect for hamsters and gerbils on the go.  This cage features two levels for your small pet to have plenty of room to roam.  The ground level includes an exercise wheel, as well as, entrance to the Bubble Toob elevator which provides your pet with access to the second story.  The second story provides allows you to interact with your pet while they play, and also detatches as a travelor so you can take your pet on the go.  This habitat is easy to assemble and includes a water bottle, feeding dish, Muchie Chews, bed fluff, a soft tip brush, school bus hideaway and a salt lick with holder. Size: SmallBy Penn Plax
    S.a.m. Here & There Home & Traveler Small Starter...
    Price: $44.99

    The Dingo Home Hamster Cage for Dwarf Hamsters and Mice provides double the living space for your pet. The bottom level simulates natural underground environment and provides abundant room for sleep and play. The plastic housing reduces harmful drafts and the convenient top opening and side petting station allows for easy access to your pet. Includes an exercise wheel, water bottle and feeding area is integrated into the unit. SAM Down Under Dingo Home can be expanded with other SAM products and accessories.
    Sam Down Under Dingo Home For Mice And Gerbils
    Price: $39.99

    Kaytee My First Home 2-Story Hamster Cages wire locks directly into the base for added security and durability. The latches are made out of chew proof wire and connect directly to the cage wire. Assembled habitat is 14.5" x 10.375" x 14.25".
Deeper base prevents bedding and litter from spilling out of the cageMultiple levels promote healthy activitySolid plastic shelves and ramps are safe and comfortable for pets and easy to clean1/2 " Wire spacing prevents escapes 
    Super Pet Hamster Cage 2 Story
    Price: $34.99


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