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    It’s the convenient solution for an unpleasant task …cleaning the litter box. The WonderBox is the only Disposable, Biodegradable, Multi-Use litter box or hard-sided liner. The WonderBox is both Super-Durable and Leak-Proof. It will last up to 1 month! The dense recycled paper fibers of the WonderBox help to keep litter drier and odor-free utilizing a unique air filtration feature. Cleanup is a snap. No need to scrub away caked-on litter and also eliminates the need for disinfectants and deodorizers.Just fill the Wonderbox with your favorite brand of litter and scoop waste daily. Replenish litter as needed and then when you are ready, simply throw the WonderBox and its contents away and start with a fresh clean box and litter! 3 Pack
    8 In 1 Kittys Wonderbox 3 Pk
    Price: $13.69


The Litter Maid Mega Litter Box Privacy Tent features six covered sides to keep litter confined to the litter box area.  The tent provides your cat with complete and roomy privacy to complete their business.  The tent has a durable, washable cover that unzips for easy access for litter refills and cleaning, and the door flaps snap open for convenience.  The tent features an easy to assemble, plastic frame.
Fits the Litter Maid Self Cleaning Cat Box and most other litter boxes.
Model #: LMT100
    Applica Littermaid Mega Litter Box Privacy Tent
    Price: $39.99

    This durable scoop comes with a clean, hygenic storage case with easy access for convenience. The deep bucket scoop has a smooth contoured handle for comfort and is engineered to sift all types of cat litter.
    Booda Scoop N Hide Litter Scoop
    Price: $10.49

    The Catit Jumbo Hooded Cat Pan provides your can with privacy while keeping the litter inside the pan.  The large hood lifts up for easy access for cleaning, while the built in bag anchor helpes keep the bag open and frees your hands for scooping.  The carbon impregnated filter effectively traps and removes litter box odors making this cat pan ideal for multi cat households.   By HagenSize: JumboColor: Warm Gray
    Catit Hooded Cat Pan Jumbo, Warm Gray
    Price: $41.99

    Magic Blue By "Catit Magic Blue" air purifier provides better air for yourself and their cat. "Catit Magic Blue" is a non-toxic filter for cat litter, which absorbs up to 80 percent of the ammonia and, depending on the diet of your cat, reduces the odors  by an average of 40 percent. Absorbs toxic ammonia fumes 25 times more effective than a carbon filter.  
The "Magic Blue" element is a reusable plastic container that fits in your litter box. The Cartridge closure is equipped with a practical adhesive mount. The "Magic Blue"  contains a cartridge and two filter cartridges. The application is very simple: Place two pads in the filter cartridge. Attach the bracket on the inside of the cat litter box and place the filter cartridge in the holder.  
    Hagen Catit Magic Blue Cartridge
    Price: $8.39

    Catit Magic Blue Refills
Refill pack for six pad (three-month supply).   
    Hagen Catit Magic Blue Refill
    Price: $13.69

    Catit Hooded Cat Pan Replacement Carbon Filters are for use with the Catit Hooded Cat Pans, Catit Jumbo Hooded Cat Pans, and Catit Style Jumbo Hooded Cat Pans (Art. # 50700, 50701, 50702, 50722, 50695, 50696). High quality carbon impregnated polyester insert removes odours from the litter pan. The highly active carbon pads large surface area traps odours passing through the filter, keeping  
    Hagen Catit Replacement Cartridge F/50695 2 Pk
    Price: $7.39

    Hagen Corner Hood Cat Litter Pan Grey
    Hagen Corner Hood Cat Litter Pan Grey
    Price: $39.99

    Odor control receptacles for Natures Miracle Automatic Litter Box.
The Natures Miracle Odor Control Receptacles replace old receptacles in your Nature’s Miracle automatic litter box for maximum freshness and sanitation. Our odor control receptacles effectively seal and trap odors, are easy to remove and dispose, and are pre-cut to fit our Nature’s Miracle carbon filters.
    Natures Miracle Filter & Receptacle Combo Pack
    Price: $15.79

    The Natures Miracle Automatic Litter box for a single cat reduces the need for constant litter box cleaning and provides your cat with an always-fresh environment. Our unique design features a smart detection motion sensor that activates litter cleaning 20 minutes after use, as well as a change indicator light that alerts you when the waste receptacle needs to be changed—providing maximum sanitation and cleanliness. Nature’s Miracle 3-in-1 odor control system works to automatically remove wet litter and waste to prevent odor buildup, features antimicrobial product protection that inhibits odors caused by bacteria, and includes a catch-all receptacle with a carbon filter to minimize the spread of your cat’s worst odors. High side walls help to prevent litter scatter and a carpeted ramp prevents tracking throughout the house. Non-stick surfaces on the litter box and the removable rake and pan ensure easy cleaning and sanitation. Technological features include a sleep timer that delays raking for 9 hours, AA battery back-up, and the ability to activate a manual cycle when needed.
    24.8”L x 17.7”W x  9.8”H    Included in this box:      • Litter Box      • 4 Catch-All Receptacles      • 1 Scoop and Rake Cleaner      • 4 Carbon Filters
    Natures Miracle Self Cleaning Litter Box
    Price: $157.49

     Van Ness Cat Litter Pan is odor and stain resistant and unbreakable under normal use. It is made of easy to clean, high impact plastic. Come in assorted colors.Dimensions: Giant 22 in. x 16 in. x 6 1/2 in.Product #: CP3COLOR CANNOT BE SPECIFIED ONLINE
    Van Ness Cat Litter Pan Giant
    Price: $11.59

     The Van Ness Cat Litter Pan is odor and stain resistant and unbreakable under normal use. It is made of easy to clean, high impact plastic. Comes in assorted Colors.COLORS CANNOT BE SPECIFIED ONLINE.Dimensions: Large 18 3/8 in. x 14 7/8 in. x 6½ in.Product#: CP2
    Van Ness Cat Litter Pan Large
    Price: $7.39

     The Van Ness Cat Litter Pan is odor and stain resistant and unbreakable under normal use. It is made of easy to clean, high impact plastic. Comes in assorted colors.Dimensions: Medium, 16 in. x 12 in. x 4 in.Product #: CP1COLOR CANNOT BE SPECIFIED ONLINE
    Van Ness Cat Litter Pan Medium
    Price: $5.29

     The Van Ness Cat Litter Pan is odor and stain resistant and unbreakable under normal use. It is made of easy to clean, high impact plastic. Comes in assorted colors.Dimensions: Small 14 in. x 10 in. x 3 1/2 in. Product#: CP0 COLOR CANNOT BE SPECIFIED ONLINE
    Van Ness Cat Litter Pan Small
    Price: $4.19

    The Van Ness extra giant Cat Litter Scoop is an ideal litter scoop for those who own an extra giant sized cat pan.  Made from high impact plastic for extra durability with a high polished finish that is odor and stain resistant and easy to clean. Comes in assorted colors.COLOR CANNOT BE SPECIFIED FOR ONLINE ORDERS
    Van Ness Cat Litter Scoop Extra Large
    Price: $3.69


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