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  • Hermit Crabs Hermit Crab Food
    Hermit Crab Supplies

    Crabworx Pelleted staple food for all land hermit crabs contains multi vitamins for proper nutrition.Size: .56 ozBy Hagen
    Crabworx Hermit Crab Pellets .56 Oz
    Price: $1.99

    Wire Mesh for Crabs to Climb. Fun, Kid Friendly Package Includes: NW25 Tank with cover & handle, branch, wire climbing mesh, background & sponge
    Penn Plax Hermit Crab Bowl Kit
    Price: $24.99

    Crabworx Fun arium is a transparent plastic aquarium that is perfect for your hermit crab.  It has a red cover with a convenient carry handle.  Dimesions: 300mm x 195mm x 205mmBy Hagen
    Crabworx Fun Arium
    Price: $13.99

    The Crabworx Water Dish features a stepped interior that allows your pet hermit crabs to easily enter and exit the water. By Hagen
    Crabworx Water Dish
    Price: $6.49

      If you give your hermit crab the care it needs, it can live for 10-20 years. Buy more than one hermit crab for your habitat. Despite their name, hermit crabs are social animals, and do well in groups. They are often found in the hundreds in the wild.  


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