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  • This group is comprised of a large variety of adorable fur bearing creatures, such as hamsters, rabbits, guinea pigs, chinchillas and gerbils among others. These mammals are curious and docile pets that can easily cared for by animal lovers of all ages.
    Your neighborhood Petland Discounts carries a large selection of small animals to choose from. When selecting your pet, consider their habits and need for human interaction. Some animals, because of the size they attain at adulthood, may be more suitable for older children or adults.

    Following is a list of suggested items for the care of these fascinating pets

      * Housing: (Click HERE for Small Animal Housing)

    The size and type of housing necessary will be determined by the kind and number of animals you want to hold in it. A secure and well ventilated enclosure is essential in keeping your pet out of trouble and out of harms way.

    Hamsters and gerbils, due to their small size, can be kept in glass tanks with metal screens and safety clips, cages or in expandable habitats (Habitrail, ect) specially designed to provide them with hours of fun. Larger species, such as rabbits, guinea pigs, chinchillas and ferrets, require the use of cages specially designed to meet their space and care requirements. All small animal enclosures require fresh bedding to absorb their droppings, and to provide warmth and shelter.

    When placing your cage at home, select a visible area away from drafts, where you and your pet can enjoy the interaction. Avoid leaving cages with small animals within the reach of curious cats or dogs, as these may frighten the new arrivals.

      * Food and Treats: (Click HERE for Small Animal Food ans Treats)

    Petland Discounts carries a wide variety of foods and treats scientifically formulated to meet your pet’s dietary needs. Always be sure to feed a diet that meets the specific requirements of your pet. Most small animals eat small amounts of food throughout the day, thus fresh food and water must always be available. Ask our associates to recommend a suitable water bottle and food dish for your new friend.

    All small animals require a steady supply of vitamins and minerals as part of their regular diet. These can be supplied daily in their water to aid in their growth and development.

    Treats play an important role in the life of a small animal. They not only provide a variety in their diet, but also provide enjoyment, and much needed teeth trimming as they chew or gnaw through them. Your neighborhood Petland Discounts store carries a wide selection of fun treats for your furry pet.
    Vitamins and minerals

    A mineral block, available in many shapes and flavors, provides much needed calcium and minerals necessary for optimum health.

      * Toys: (Click HERE for Small Animal Toys)

    All small mammals are very intelligent and curious creatures. In order to keep them active and entertained, they require toys that satisfy their curiosity. Typical toys for small mammals include roll about balls, wheels, tunnel mazes, caves, etc. Consult one of our associates to find the most appropriate toy for your particular pet.

    You can print this page out, or download the entire page on .pdf here.

    If you do not have Adobe Acrobat get it here.


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