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  • A puppy can be a wonderful addition to your household.  They are playful and quickly become a very important member of your family.  When selecting your pet, remember your local animal shelter has a large selection of puppies & dogs available for adoption.Once you have chosen your new addition the most important thing to do for your puppy or dog is to take it to a veterinarian for a check-up and shots.  This is important for the future health of your new pet.  Click on our Events button for a listing of low cost vaccination clinics at your neighborhood Petland Discounts or consult with a veterinarian in your area.

    Following is a list of suggested items for the care of your new pet.

    * Dog Food:(Click HERE for Dog Food)

    Petland Discounts offers a variety of premium pet food to meet your dog's nutritional requirements from puppy hood through adulthood.  Ask your sales person to assist you in selecting the proper food for your pet. 

      * ID Tags: (Click HERE for ID Tags)

    A necessary item that attaches to your pets collar for identification should you and your pet become separated.

      * Collars and Leashes: (Click HERE for Collars and Leashes)

    A wide variety collars, harnesses and matching leashes are available.  Select a collar with enough room for growth but not so large as to allow your puppy to chew on it while he is wearing it.  When a collar is adjusted properly, you should be able to slip 2 fingers easily between the dog and the collar, but the collar should not be able to slip over the head unless unbuckled.  Chocker collars, which are made to slip over a dog's head, should only be used for training purposes while walking your dog.  When there is no pressure applied on this type of collar it is loose enough for a dog to remove.  Getting your puppy used to a collar and leash early will ease the training process later.

      * Food and Water Bowls: (Click HERE for Food and Water Bowls)

    Pet bowls are made to facilitate easy cleaning.  You may choose from plastic, ceramic or stainless steel, individual dishes or double diners.  While choosing your pets dish is a personal preference, take into consideration your lifestyle.  If giving your new pet water is going to be your child's responsibility stay away from ceramic, which will break if, dropped.  Non-tip dishes are designed to make it harder for your playful new pet to tip his dish over while pet placemats are available to contain any dish overflow.  Remember to wash your dog's bowl daily to prevent bacteria from forming.

      * Toys and Chews: (Click HERE for Toys and Chews)

    Whether your new dog is a puppy or an adult, you will need to provide it with chew toys.  While puppies may be teething, chewing also provides entertainment for your pet as well as exercise and a way to relieve frustration.  Select a variety of toys with different surfaces to supplement your pets chewing needs and provide mental stimulation.  Choose from tug toys, balls, stuffed toys, ropes, vinyl toys, latex, rawhide or natural products, dental toys; such as sterilized bones or chew hooves.

      * Treats: (Click HERE for Treats)

    Treats are a great way to supplement your pet's diet.  Choices include: bones, jerky snacks, cookies or nuggets in different shapes and sizes both vitamin enriched and regular.  You may also use treats in the training process as a reward for a job well done.

      * Vitamins/Skin & Coat Supplements: (Click HERE for Vitamins/Skin & Coat Supplements)

    Food supplements containing additives as linoleic acid and vitamins provide the essential fatty acids and other ingredients that will help to make your dog's coat shiny and reduce shedding.  For breeds that are prone to skin problems a supplement added to the food can help to alleviate dry, flaky skin that causes excess scratching. 

      * Grooming: Shampoo/Comb/Brush/Dental: (Click HERE for Shampoo/Combs/Brushs/Dental)

    Because the pH level in a dog's skin is different from ours, it is important to use shampoos designed specifically for use on puppies or dogs.  Conditioners will reduce matting and tangles, especially in longhair breeds and make brushing easier.  Slicker brushes, pin brushes, soft bristle brushes, combs and shedding blades are just some of your options.  Consult your Petland Discounts representative for assistance in selecting the proper brush.

    Dental brushes and pastes are available to care for your dog's teeth.  Brushing your dog's teeth on a regular basis will prevent future problems.

      * Flea Control: (Click HERE for Flea Control)

    Flea and ticks can make your dog’s life miserable, as well as being a health risk.  The traditional flea sprays, powders and collars are available as well as newer drops and flea pills.  Whatever method of flea control you select remember to also treat the environment using home sprays and outdoor yard and kennel sprays.

      * Housing: (Click HERE for Housing)

    House training is essential to making your puppy an accepted member of the family.  Dog-training crates are the key to making this happen quickly and effectively.  Dogs are den animals by nature and will feel more secure (especially in a new environment) if they have a place that's just for them.  Pick a crate that is big enough so the dog can stand and lie down in comfortably but also grow with your pet.  Too much room will allow your puppy to eliminate in one end of the crate and sleep in the other end thus making training more difficult.  To prevent this, optional crate dividers are available allowing you to expand your pet's space as he grows.

      * Stain Removers and Deodorizers: (Click HERE for Stain Removers and Deodorizers)

    There are various pet stain removers and deodorizers that will help remove puppy stains from your carpet if an accident should occur while training is in progress.  It is important to not only remove the stain but also the odor since the odor is what will attract your dog back to that same spot.

      * Beds: (Click HERE for Dog Beds)

    Once trained a bed provides your pet with a place to call his own.  Most dog beds are open on the top and available in wicker or fabric to match your décor.

    Remember: that a dog is a man's best friend and like any good friendship requires trust, love, patience and understanding.

    You can print this page out, or download the entire page on .pdf here.

    If you do not have Adobe Acrobat get it here.


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