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  • Long known as great apartment pets, kittens are playful, entertaining and cuddly.  While adult cats become independent, when given plenty of attention as a kitten. They tend to remain affectionate. 
    When selecting your pet, remember your local shelter has a large selection of cats and kittens available for adoption.  Once you have chosen your new addition, the most important thing is to take your new pet to the veterinarian for a check-up and shots. This is important for the future health of your new pet.  Click on our Events button for a listing of low cost vaccination clinics at your neighborhood Petland Discounts or consult with a veterinarian in your area.

    Following is a list of suggested items for the care of your new pet.

      * Cat Food: (Click HERE for Cat Foods)

    Petland Discounts offers a variety of premium pet food to meet your cat's nutritional requirements from kitten through adult.  Ask your sales person to assist you in selecting the proper food for your pet. 

      * ID Tags: (Click HERE for ID Tags)

    A necessary item that attaches to your pets collar for identification should you and your pet become separated.

      * Collars: (Click HERE for Collars)

    A wide variety of collars, safety collars, harnesses and matching leads are available.  Select a collar with enough room for growth but not so large that the excess can get caught on objects in your home.  Safety collars, generally with elastic or quick snap, provide protection for your cat by expanding should your cat get stuck on something, allowing it to slip out of the collar and escape danger.

      * Bowls: (Click HERE for Cat Bowls)

    Pet bowls are made to facilitate easy cleaning.  You may choose from plastic, ceramic or stainless steel.  Sturdy shallow bowls are best suited for kittens and cats.  Wash your cat's bowl daily to prevent bacteria from forming.

      * Toys: (Click HERE for Cat Toys)

    Kittens by nature are very active.  A selection of toys will keep your kitten occupied as well as mentally stimulated.  Cat toys that resemble mice or other small creatures will appeal to your pet's predatory instincts while wind up, spinning or hanging toys will provide your cat with hours of entertainment.  Teasing toys are designed to create interaction between owner and pet thus strengthening the bond and keeping your cat socialized.

      * Treats: (Click HERE for Cat Treats)

    Who wants to eat the same thing forever?  Treats are a great way to supplement your pet's diet and prevent boredom.

      * Vitamins/Skin & Coat Supplements: (Click HERE for Vitamins/Skin and Coat Supplements)

    Food supplements containing additives as linoleic acid and vitamins provide the essential fatty acids and other ingredients that will help to make your cat's coat shiny and reduce shedding.  For breeds that are prone to skin problems a supplement added to the food can help to alleviate dry, flaky skin that causes excess scratching.

      * Hair Ball Remedy: (Click HERE for Hair Ball Remedy)

    During the natural grooming process cats ingest hair which can cause digestive problems. Hairball remedies aid in the prevention and elimination of hairballs.

      * Grooming:  Brush/Combs/Dental: (Click HERE for Brush/Combs/Dental)

    Regular brushing will prevent matting and help reduce shedding and hairballs.

      * Shorthaired Cats:

    Brushing your shorthaired cat will stimulate coats oils and reduce shedding and hairballs.  For single-coated breeds, a rubber curry or soft bristle brush works best.  A fine-toothed flea comb will remove dead hair from shorter coats and will reveal any evidence of flea infestation on your cat.

      * Longhaired Cats:

    For longhaired cats the first rule is brush, brush, brush.  Slicker wire brushes are best for this type of cat.  The mats on this type of coat can be painful, pulling against the delicate skin and impeding the cat's movement.  If matted using a flip comb, which has wide and narrow teeth will work well.   Use the end of the comb to gently work out the mat.  Once the mats are removed, systematically brush your way around the cat's body. Dental brushes and pastes are available to care for your cat's teeth.  Brushing your cat's teeth on a regular basis will prevent future problems.

      * Flea Control: (Click HERE for Flea Control)

    Be sure to use flea products designed for use on cats only.  Flea and ticks can make your cat's life miserable, as well as being a health risk.  The traditional flea sprays, powders and collars are available as well as newer drops and flea pills.  Whatever method of flea control you select remember to also treat the environment using home sprays and outdoor yard and kennel sprays.

      * Litter Box/Accessories: (Click HERE for Litter Box / Accessories)

    Many types of litter boxes are available.  Covered and ventilated pans work best because they give your cat/kitten privacy and will lower external odors.  Be sure the litter box is big enough for your cat to turn around and to be able to scratch litter over their waste.  The use of liners, scoops and filters makes cleaning your cat's litter box a breeze.

      * Litter/Litter Deodorizers: (Click HERE for Litter / Litter Deodorizers)

    There are several types of litter available for your cat.  Litters made of clay, cedar, recycled newspaper, clumping, deodorized or non-tracking all will do the trick.  A Petland Discounts salesperson can assist you in selecting a litter that is appropriate for your pet.  Deodorizers available in spray, pellet or powder form will extend the life of your cat litter reducing frequent litter changes.

      * Beds: (Click HERE for Cat Beds)

    A cat, like most of us, needs a bed or a place to call it's own.  Most prefer a closed or covered, warm and comfortable place to sleep.  A variety of wicker and soft beds are available to suit both your pet and your home décor.

      * Cat Furniture: (Click HERE for Cat Furniture)

    Cat's claws grow in layer; scratching is necessary to remove old, flaky, beat-up top layer of claw material to reveal the new, smooth claw underneath.  Rather then suppress this urge to scratch, you may choose to provide a piece of furniture specifically for this purpose.  Scratching posts and kitty condos will give them something of their own to scratch and to climb on.

    Remember: A properly cared for cat will provide many years of love and companionship for the entire family.

    You can print this page out, or download the entire page on .pdf here.

    If you do not have Adobe Acrobat get it here.


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