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  • Birds have long been known as great companions to humans. They make wonderful pets for people of all ages and their ease of care suits most lifestyles.

    Petland Discounts carries a large selection of birds, from the small and lively finches and canaries, to the very large and intelligent cockatoos and macaws.
    When selecting a pet bird, consider their habits and need for attention. Large talking birds in general require more contact and human interaction than smaller birds.

    The following list details a few necessary items for the care and well being of your bird. Please ask an associate to customize a set-up for the bird of your choice.

      * Housing: (Click HERE for Bird Housing)

    A cage is the essential housing of any bird in captivity. A cage not only serves as a means for keeping the bird from flying away, but also as an enclosure to keep the bird out of harms way. Cages should be large enough to allow freedom of movement. The bird should be able to spread its wings and turn fully without brushing them on the sides of the cage. It should be equipped with doors, perches, and cups that are large enough for the bird. Always select a cage provided with an easy to clean removable tray. An associate can guide you through cage selection.

    The use of cage paper pre-cut in a variety of sizes to fit your cage, will simplify the daily cleaning of droppings. Seed catchers fashioned in different prints and styles are also a good addition to a cage as they help minimize seed dispersion.

    When placing your cage at home, select a visible area away from drafts, where both you and your bird will enjoy the interaction. Never place a cage in a kitchen where temperature fluctuation and fumes can harm your bird.

    All cages should be kept off the ground away from small children and or other house pets. A cage stand or hanging chain from a ceiling hook will hold the cage and bird at a secure more appealing height.

    At night cover your bird with a cage cover; the darkness and quiet they provide contribute to a good night’s rest. Petland Discounts carries a large selection of handsomely made cage covers to fit any décor.

      * Food and Treats: (Click HERE for Food and Treats)

    There are several excellent brands of foods to meet your bird’s dietary needs. Always be sure to feed a diet that is well balanced for your particular bird. Birds eat small amounts of food throughout the whole day, so make sure fresh food and water are always available. Most birds also require fresh fruits and vegetables as part of their diet. These should be made available on regular basis.

    Treats not only provide some variety in a bird’s diet, but some also provide enjoyment as they peck at the sticks. Your neighborhood Petland Discounts carries a variety of treats specifically formulated for your bird in different flavors and shapes.

      * Vitamins and minerals: (Click HERE for Vitamin and Minerals)

    All captive birds require the continuous supply of vitamins and minerals as part of their regular diet. Vitamins supplied daily in their water or added to their feed aid in proper growth and optimum health.

    Calcium is also essential for proper bird health. It is especially important for bone formation and for feathering. Calcium can be made available to birds with the use of cuttlebones or mineral blocks.

      * Toys: (Click HERE for Bird Toys)

    Birds are very intelligent animals; they require toys that will keep them busy to prevent boredom. Typical toys for birds include mirrors, bells, toy birds and wooden blocks. Ask one of our associates to point out the most appropriate toys for your bird.

      * Other:

    Birds enjoy a light misting from a spray bottle on daily basis. Prepared birdbaths sprays (used at room temperature) will stimulate their preening and keeps their feathers clean and healthy. It is recommended to mist your bird early in the day to allow the feathers time to dry before the evening temperature change.

    Mite protectors should be used on every cage. These small and un-obtrusive cans form a barrier around the cage that prevents the entrance of mites and many other insects.

    You can print this page out, or download the entire page on .pdf here.

    If you do not have Adobe Acrobat get it here.


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