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    7”sturdy tent-like shelter offers birds a place to hide, play and sleep. Plastic inserts in bottom and sides help maintain shape and fabric is machine washable; sewn-in hooks allow for easy insertion into cage. Available in assorted colors cannot choose color.
    Prevue Pet Snuggle Hut Small
    Price: $7.49
    Sale Price: $5.72

    8 In 1 Bird Bath Spray contains natural Preen Gland Oil, Lanolin and Aloe Vera. Scientifically formulated to keep your bird bright and beautiful. When used on a regular basis, Bird Bath Spray conditions skin, cleans, softens and brightens plumage.  Bird Bath Spray relieves minor skin irritations, removes scales which cause scratching and feather picking and also prevents excessive moulting.
    8 In 1 Bird Bath Spray 8 Oz
    Price: $5.99
    Sale Price: $4.26

    The Living World Large seed cup is the perfect size for parrots and is suitable for parrot cages  with metal hooks that make installation a breeze.  Use extra cups to feed treats and supplements to your bird.  Comes in yellow, white and purple.COLOR CANNOT BE SPECIFIED FOR ONLINE ORDERS.Dimensions: 4.5 inches Wide x 3 3/8 inch Deep x 2 3/8 inch HighSize: LargeCapacity: 7.5 oz
    Hagen Large Cup With Hooks
    Price: $2.99
    Sale Price: $2.08

    Sun Seed Vita Formulas are an excellent beginning to your birds daily diet. As with all Sun Seed products, Vita Formulas start with a superior mixture of seeds and grains. This mixture is then fortified with essential vitamins, minerals, and amino acids.For ParakeetsSize: 6lb
    Sun Seed Vita Parakeet Formula 6lb
    Price: $14.99
    Sale Price: $11.38

      Birds have long been known as great companions to humans, from the small and lively finches and canaries, to the very large and intelligent cockatoos and macaws. They make wonderful pets for people of all ages and their ease of care suits most lifestyles. Petland Discounts carries a large selection of birds supplies including toys, cages, breeding supplies, food, treats, supplements and more. Whether your have a cockatiel, love bird, or Parrot we have just what you need to care for you feathered friend.  


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