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    A homogenized water soluble multivitamin concentrate which supplies important vitamins essential for the proper growth and maintenance of your bird. May be added directly to the drinking water or to food.
    8 In 1 Vita Sol Multi Vitamins 4oz
    Price: $10.49
    Sale Price: $7.80

    The Hagen Cuttlebone is derived from natural cuttlefish that provides natural calcium and minerals. The natural surface keeps beaks trim and sharp and comes iwth a convenient holder.Size: Small Comes with 2 cuttlebones in a package
    Hagen Cuttlebone Small, 2 Pack
    Price: $2.19
    Sale Price: $1.50

    Living World Nesting Material is a natural fiber disc perfect to satisfy your birds natural urge to build a nest.  It is designed for easy access to the soft nest lining and provides your bird with maximum comfort for breeding and raising hatchlings.  Ideal for small birds.By Hagen
    Living World Nesting Material
    Price: $2.49
    Sale Price: $1.58

    LM Animal Farms Diet is a nutritional and tasty blend of seeds, grains and vitamin fortified pellets your bird will love.  Specifically formulated with optimal levels of protein, fat and carbohydrates to meet the needs of Parakeets.  The ingredients were carefully selected based on the beak size and tastes to ensure maximum consumption which helps provide complete nutrition. Fortified with vitamins, minerals and fatty acids for your pets well being. Size: 2 lbs 
    Lm Animal Farms Parakeet Diet 2lb
    Price: $4.49
    Sale Price: $3.10

      Birds have long been known as great companions to humans, from the small and lively finches and canaries, to the very large and intelligent cockatoos and macaws. They make wonderful pets for people of all ages and their ease of care suits most lifestyles. Petland Discounts carries a large selection of birds supplies including toys, cages, breeding supplies, food, treats, supplements and more. Whether your have a cockatiel, love bird, or Parrot we have just what you need to care for you feathered friend.  


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