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    Beta Bowls

     Betta Falls Aquarium Kit
Features filtered, cascading water that continuously flows through each of the three chambers.
The Aqueon® Betta Falls provides a calming presence of cascading water while showcasing the natural beauty of betta. Betta Falls is large enough to make an elegant statement, yet compact enough to fit anywhere in your home or office. The water is filtered using Aqueon® QuietFlow® power filtration. The aquarium is approximately 2 gallons in size and includes a maximum fill indicator window which conveniently shows when more water should be added to the unit. An internal pump comes with the kit which allows for adjusting the water flow to a slower speed for betta and a faster speed for tropical fish or shrimp. Frosted panels prevent betta from seeing one another, preventing aggression. Included with each kit are betta food and water care samples, ensuring the tools for a successful start to the aquatic environment. Available in black or white.•Approximately 2 Gallons•QuietFlow® Power Filtration•Filter Cartridge•Premium Betta Food•BettaBowl Plus Water Conditioner•Aquarium Set Up Guide
    Aqueon Betta Falls Kit Black
    Price: $49.99

 Beneficial Characteristics:• 100% Natural Live® Fresh Water Substrate• Instant Cycling® of your aquairum• NO WAITING...JUST ADD FISH®• Perfect for all fresh water fish• Contains Live Denitrifying Bacteria & Beneficial Trace Elements
 Activ-Betta® Bio- Activ Live Gravel is an all-natural substrate specially packaged in LIVE fresh water to instantly cycle your Betta Aquarium.Activ-Betta® Bio-Activ Live Gravel conatins the natural beneficial bacteria and live aqua flora found in nature to instantly create a healthy environment for your Betta fish.   
    Bio Betta Bio Active Betta Live Gravel Rainbow
    Price: $4.19

    Penn-Plax plastic plants have a naturally shaped heavy weight base that keeps the plant down. Pack of 6 assorted color 4 inch plants
    Penn Plax Aqua Plant Betta Plants Assorted Colors...
    Price: $6.99

    The Dual Betta Tank is a unique way to house Betta Fish, or Siamese Fighting Fish. The close living quarters stimulate the Bettas to intensify their colors, spread their fins and flare their gills.
    Penn Plax Betta Bow Front Dual Tank Kit
    Price: $12.99

    Gives peace of mind while traveling
Feeds fish for up to seven days
Pack of six blocks
Vitamin fortified formula releases a nutritious freeze-dried food while also neutralizing aquarium water
    Penn Plax Betta Vacation Food 7 Day
    Price: $2.69

    This is a very popular single ingredient food, great for discus, eels, bettas and most community fish. Bloodworms are a natural product.   Also known as Red Mosquito Larvae.Size: 7 grams
    San Fransisco Bay Brands Blood Worms, 7 Grams
    Price: $5.99

    The Marina Geo Bubbles Betta Kit provides you with a cool and trendy way to show off your betta. This aquarium takes up very little space so it looks great anywhere, and is great for first time betta owners because it comes with all the basics. Each kit includes a half gallon clear plastic, cube aquarium with a frame, colorful gravel, a decorative background with a modern Geo Bubbles theme, Nutrafin Max Betta Food and Nutrafin Betta Plus Conditioner.
    Marina Betta Kit, Geo Bubbles
    Price: $19.99

    No Waiting...Just Add Fish!™                     Premium All Natural LIVE® Substrate Specially Packaged in LIVE® Fresh Water For Instant Cycling® Of Your Betta Aquarium and Fresh Water Fish Aquariums.    Size: 1 lb
    Activ Betta Bio Active Live Betta Gravel Black
    Price: $4.19

      Betta splendens, also known as "Bettas" and "Siamese fighting fish", are popular pets recognized for their agressiveness, interactiveness, and relatively low cost for maintenance and care. Betta fish can prove to be great pets for up to four years. Follow these tips to make sure your new pal has a happy and healthy life. They are not to be placed with other fish because of their extreme territorial behaviour. They also enjoy real plants in their habitats.  


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